21 Day Remote
Transformation PROGRAM!
***LIMITED to the first 15 People! 
(usually fills in less than 5 days)***
21 Day Fitness Plan
Fitness does not have to be difficult.  We make it fun and effective.  Each workout only uses exercises that can be modified for every fitness level.  Our Fitness Plans have helped hundreds of people achieve the body they've always dreamed of without boredom, repetition, or injury.  Whether it's at our gym or wherever you choose, we've got you covered. 
21 Day Nutrition Plan
Can you stick to a diet for 21 Days?  Most people can.  How about a lifetime?  Our 21 Day Nutrition Plan will teach you everything you need to do to eat healthy and lose weight, but more importantly, keep it off!  It's not a "one size fits all" plan.  It totally customized for you based on what you like to eat, and what works best for your body.
Your Own Coach for 21 Days
Your coach is going to be your best friend for the next 21 Days...maybe.  It depends what you define as a friend.  Nonetheless they will be holding you accountable to your goals, there to help with fitness modifications, recovery, following the nutrition plan, you name it.  They will be your rock.  There for you each step of the challenge.
You and I are going to sit down, dig deep into your goals, and together build the most perfect and customized program that will be exactly what you’ll need to reach them!
And the best part is… the first 21 Days of that program are at a huge discount!
That way you get an amazing transformation at a fraction of the normal cost. How awesome is that?

But don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what other locals had to say...
“I signed up for the 21 Days and thought it would be a great start to my fitness plan and try out the facility. I have been very happy with my results. In the first several weeks, I lost 10 pounds. 
The workouts are fun and never stale. The nutrition plan they gave us is easy to follow. I 
recommend Pursuit Fitness to anyone 
who wants to improve their health.
- Dave
"When I joined the 21 Day Challenge it changed my my life. I ended up losing 13 pounds and 5.5% body fat. I feel so healthy! I gave up soda, eating out and started making healthy dinners for my family. The trainers at Pursuit Fitness motivated me to the limits. I was held accountable and the trainers really cared about me attaining my goals ” 
 - Melissa
“I am proud to say after two and half months of dedicated training, nutrition and changing to a healthier diet, my results were realized. 
Fellow co-workers came up to be wanting to know how I got a toned, leaner look and how much weight I lost. Last week I wore a dress 
I haven't worn in FOUR years!!
- Lynn
“Since going to Pursuit Fitness for the last six weeks I have been able to not only sit up straight and get out of bed but I have also lost 10 pounds! Pursuit Fitness has taught me to eat healthier, be 
more confident in my ability to choose the correct foods and to work out the right way. Correct 
form is more important than how
 many reps you are doing.”
- Beth
“When I joined Pursuit Fitness, my number one goal was to avoid shoulder surgery. The trainers were aware of my limitations and knowledgeable about the best ways to train me to not only avoid further injury, but increase my strength and mobility too.. After four weeks, my surgeon informed me that surgery would not be necessary anymore. Thank you for keeping me off the operating table Pursuit!” 
 - Tracy
"Best. Decision. Ever. Let me tell you, I got fitness, nutrition, and an accountability coach. It made me feel like I had my own trainer. And FINALLY results. Real results that I know how to keep. Do it.” 
- Rochelle
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